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Donna aka SulkyDoll has styled me for live shows on QVC , TLC, bareMinerals film-shoots, editorial shoots with Stylist Magazine as well as my publicity shots .  The bareMinerals, QVC, Stylist and TLC teams all say its the best they have ever seen me look.  When you are on set on camera under the spotlight with a microscope on YOU all day long you need to know you look good – if you do you will come across better in stills as well as give an oscar winning performance on film.  This is where having Donna on set styling you can really help as it boosts your confidence.  Donna is incredibly professional back stage at a shoot whether it be TV, Film or Editorial.  She just gets on with it, is a delight to work with, gets on with the team and always goes the extra mile to make sure you have what you need and make you feel comfortable. (even if its checking in with you to make sure you are okay – or grabbing you that diet coke that you desparately need from the studio fridge whist you are in hari and make up)

Donna is my inspiration when it comes to all things clothes, accessories and style.  I actually panic when I am out shopping without her.  This sounds insane but its true.  I was in TopShop and Zara the other day and just thought – damn I wish Donna was here with me now so I knew what to buy and more importantly what to put with what.  Its such a minefield out there and I know I will probably come home with the wrong combo or a very honest comment from Sulky saying ‘its lovely darling but maybe not all at the same time’.  Which is actually a real comment to me from the UK General Manager of bareMinerals when I asked him what he thought of my outfit before a live QVC show. But then I met Donna. Phew.  Donna just always knows what to put with what and make it look effortlessly AMAZING. 

The other great thing about SulkyDoll is she understands different body shapes and sizes having been everything from a size 6 to a size 16 herself. Donna will be very honest with you about what suits your shape and size and what doesn’t but in a lovely way that doesn’t leave you feeling rubbish about your image or figure. Donna has curves herself & has an amazing talent in enhancing the bits we love and disguising the bits we don’t.  I have always struggled with my weight and food as a whole and go up and down in size like a yoyo – I have a size 10-18 wardrobe but Donna can dress me at whatever size I am and make me look but more importantly feel a million dollars.  I used to just go to Whistles and LK Bennet or Monsoon and just wear dresses off the hanger all the time because I didn’t know what else to do. I just wanted to cover my body as I was so ashamed of it.  However since I met Donna I have changed the way I dress totally.  I get compliments and comments all the time and know its actually not me its all down to SulkyDoll.  Thank you Donna xxx

SJ Froom International Make Up Artist

Being a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I live in sport’s wear. Last year’s wedding season really stressed me out as formal wear made me anxious….

I never thought a Stylist was appropriate for someone like me – just for celebs and the rich. However, this year Donna has helped to give me the confidence to enjoy dressing up, no matter what my budget. She understood my style and shape, set me up a board on Pinterest & sent me ideas she felt would suit me which inspired me immediately.

The Outfit I ended up wearing for my first formal event this year was the last thing I would have chosen myself but I loved it, felt fabulous and have now worn it on several occasions. I cannot wait for my next occasion to dress up.

I highly recommend Donna not only to style for special occasions but also to rejuvenate your wardrobe and get you out of a style ‘rut’, which I was in…she has taught me that fashion can be liberating and so much fun!”


I came to Sulky Doll aka Donna as a Mum of two young boys. I was 39 and, nearly three years after beginning my family, I had lost my baby weight and finally managed to get back into clothes I was longing to wear again. However, the pre-family wardrobe I possessed wasn’t ‘me’ anymore…

I knew Donna was a Stylist and jumped at the chance to work with her. The journey we embarked upon was fantastic. I had lost my mo-jo for clothes entirely and, as such, had retained and obtained a lot of clothing that I neither liked nor suited me.

Donna re-lit the flame! We detoxed my wardrobe of the items I knew were awful but didn’t have the courage to relinquish and created mood boards of styles and items I liked. We began to build a picture of the woman I am now within fashion. She identified the scenarios I lacked for and we listed capsule pieces I both needed and wanted.

The shopping trip was incredibly insightful and very bountiful! I learnt how to shop, where to shop and what for. Donna challenged my perception of myself, giving me clothes I would ordinarily avoid trying. A lot of them were amazing! The world of accessories was opened up to me and boy do they make a difference!

Since my styling experience I have built on what we began. I have confidence choosing new clothing and confidence wearing them. It isn’t too much to say that a whole new world has opened up before me – I feel great! I look forward to choosing my clothes and accessories everyday because I know that they make me feel amazing. Donna has given me more than just clothes, she given me back to me!”



Effortlessly glam with a cool edge was my first impression of Sulky Doll (Donna) as she walked through the door of my shop, then she smiled and I knew we were going to get on.

She is in fact the most stylish lady I know and this, combined with her bubbly, kind personality make for the ultimate personal stylist.

I am the anti-glam, I live in jeans, t shirts and trainers, loathe the thought of anyone looking at me and avoid dressing up at all costs so, when the invitation arrived for an old friends wedding with the dress code ‘evening glam’, I knew exactly who to call.

We arranged a morning to go shopping and decided on Southampton. I thought I had given her an impossible task. A budget of £50, just the morning to find an outfit, and did I mention I hate shopping?

Before we had even got to the shops she had worked out what I would feel comfortable in and within three hours she had my outfit nailed, under budget and with all the trimmings.

I went to my friends wedding not just feeling like I fitted in but I actually felt glamorous, a totally alien feeling for me, at the same time as feeling confident and like I wasn’t trying to be something I’m not.

Everything we bought will be used again, The play suit is a great item to have as it can easily be dressed up or down and the bag is now used regularly when I need to look a bit smarter.

Hats off to you Sulky Doll, you have changed my views on glamming up. I feel more confident in myself, happier to try new things and I will definitely be using your services again. Thank you so much. Xxx


Dearest Sulky,

Thank you so much for the shopping yesterday. I’m not sure if I can relay what my new wardrobe and fashion knowledge means to me, but here goes…

The initial wardrobe cleanse gave me a new understanding of my style, what suits me (and what definitely doesn’t) and how to wear my clothes. Even at that point I was thrilled with my new knowledge of what a 30 something wardrobe should look like, but I am delighted we took it to the next level and went shopping yesterday – you truly have transformed my wardrobe AND my confidence.

I’ve always wanted to invest in a personal shopper, but never thought it would have such an impact. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Thanks to you I have cleared out all the stuff in my wardrobe that doesn’t suit me or fit me. I also understand how to better work my current wardrobe.

You’ve been super patient over the past few weeks with my constant questions about brogues, coats, colours and accessories.

And while we were shopping you were so professional, patient and your natural talent for what looks right shone through. You constantly got it right – the perfect size, colour, shape. I’m just sorry I wasn’t brave enough to step further out of my comfort zone.

Today i stepped out in my brand new boyfriend jeans, All Saints jumper and pumps – there is no doubt I had a spring in my step. Next, a jumpsuit…

Thank you Sulky for making me feel fabulous!

Diane X

My experience of the Sulky Doll personal styling package was many things: exciting, inspiring, fascinating, emotional and most of all empowering. Sulky knows her stuff and takes time to truly understand what you want and need as well as what’s not going to work for you. A treat from me to me I won’t forget.


I don’t want to sound too dramatic but my Sulky experience completely transformed my life. After it, I had so much more confidence – I stood differently, held myself different and felt completely different – in a good way. People kept asking if I had lost weight.

It was an utterly liberating experience, Sulky quickly put me at ease so I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the process. Somehow by working from home and being a mum on the school run I had lost my identity. Sulky helped me find it again – and then some!

I was absolutely buzzing after our wardrobe detox and shopping trip and then Sulky came back to help me see how I could put all my new and old clothes together as outfits. That final stage has been invaluable to me.

Donna (aka Sulky) is so stylish I was initially worried she would turn me into a clone of her. Within five minutes of talking it was clear that wouldn’t happen. It was all about me – I loved it!

Carol, PR Consultant

Everyone needs to let Sulky Doll into their wardrobes!

As a 40 year old working mum who doesn’t want to be a carbon of other ‘ yummy mummies’ in their Boden uniforms, I felt I had lost my style ‘mojo.’ My old wardrobe was jam-packed with clothes I had not worn for years or rushed bought for a night out. I had slowly fallen into my own uniform of navy/grey jumper and jeans and I needed help.

Sulky Doll arrived on my doorstep with her phenomenal energy and positivity and the wardrobe detox began. Sulky has an incredible knack of gently peeling any insecurities you have of your own body and putting you in a safe comfort zone that enables you to see the real ‘you’ in the mirror. She encouraged me to keep clothes that showed off my best bits, how to mix and match pieces, bin clothes that didn’t do anything for me and colour co-ordinated my whole wardrobe. As a result every morning I confidently throw on clothes that suit my day and mood.

For the first time in years I feel that I am in control of what I wear, this has empowered me with the self-belief that I can wear whatever makes me feel good and be me!

I can’t thank Sulky Doll enough for facilitating this and recommend her to anyone whose wardrobe and individual style needs a boost!

Thank you Sulky.

Amy Foyle, London

What can I say, other than a huge thank you to Donna for the Sulky experience.

As a married man hitting 40 with two young kids, things couldn’t be better. Or so I thought!

I had got used to investing in my work wardrobe, but the opposite in my casual wardrobe. In fact as soon as I got home I couldn’t wait to kick it off and don the comfy jeans, crocs and the one of 1000 polo shirts I had. If truth be told, a look to hide all – including the extra holiday weight gained and never lost! Clothes that in my head I was convinced a 40 year old wears! How wrong I was….

Donna to her credit convinced me to challenge such preconceptions and so the journey began.

After an initial consultation, the wardrobe detox and an informed and co-ordinated plan of action we hit the shops.

The energy and drive of Donna is the first thing you notice. Her enthusiasm for what she clearly believes in and understands passionately is infectious.  It didn’t take long before I was trying on things I would not have looked at in a million years, but now wear with confidence.

I have to say with all honesty I was shocked and surprised at just how much better the new versus old looks were; and the lessons I had learned from the whole experience.

I end as I begun therefore with a huge thank you to Donna, she deserves all the praise and recommendations mounting on this website.

Ryan Johnson, Winchester