Ren’s new Hero product

Ren’s new Hero product

There’s not a woman my age who doesn’t have Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil on her Christmas list, it’s an amazing product and one that has achieved near cult status…but I’m here to tell you that they (REN) ¬†have only gone and done it again! Get ready to put another #musthave Ren product on the crimbo list, Ren’s new Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Range is increds! And the best news? It’s actually good for you!

The key ingredient in this range is magnesium and we all need magnesium, but particularly us stressed out working mamas, it is rich in anti oxidants and helps our cells to detox, but, unlike other nutrients, it is one of the few elements that can be absorbed through the skin, so you can take a lovely, relaxing bath or shower, safe in the knowledge that you are replenishing your magnesium levels.

In the process of discovering this new range, I have found my all time favourite scrub…



And, I finally can use a body lotion that can be applied post bath or shower and won’t stick to your clothes…even just washing my hands with the hand wash means I can experience the positive effects of this range as my skin is flooded with oxygen and nutrients.

I absolutely love this range and on a very personal note, my darling God Mother has Parkinson’s Disease and was told that Magnesium was helpful with tremors and so, I have now introduced her to this range too.




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  • Lydia June 3, 2017 7:31 am

    Lovely write up and great range! X

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