Kate Moss is my Spirit Animal

Kate Moss is my Spirit Animal

On the day she turns 43, I celebrate all that is Kate Moss…from the age of 17 she was in my universe. The girl with the mousy hair who would, some 20 years later go on stage at the Brits wearing Bowie’s clothes, her sylph like limbs, her alien features, so different a beauty to the Supers of the 80s you could not find, her very presence heralded a new era.

An era when girls from Croydon, arguably the least rock n roll endroit south of the river, could grace the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London and New York and single handedly revolutionise the way women of my age, and those over and under, dress. She has become so iconic, she is considered a benchmark to all things style and she’s one of ours, a Brit, not some over privileged trust fund girl but a working model who fronts campaigns such as Mango, Top Shop, St Tropez and Burberry. A seemingly normal girl & one who is considered the most consummate professional by those in the industry but one who is rock and roll to her core, no basic bitch here love.

I lived my life vicariously through her, I remember sitting in the sixth form smoking room and commenting to a friend, ‘Kate Moss has my life” when she was dating Johnny Depp. It is perhaps hard for those under 35 to appreciate just how beautiful Johnny Depp was in the 90s and his relationship with Amber Heard has changed the public percpetion of him, but just trust me when I say he was ridiculously hot, achingly hip and irreverent with it…he sort of resented his beauty, like it was some sort of cross to bear. They didn’t go the distance and I think we all knew they wouldn’t, but remain on good terms to this day and I suspect that for both parties, the ride was indeed worth the fall.

One of the things I love most about her is her circle of female friends, if your vibe attracts your tribe then, she is a undoubtedly a woman’s woman, her mates are from all walks of life, of different ages and ethnicities- she would absolutely be your go to girl after a hideous break up…a night on the town with Mossy would sort you out good and proper. I’m sure it’s one of those urban myths but I love the alleged story about her telling Gwyneth Paltrow to eat a bag of crisps after a fall out…I’d have paid to see that.

Through all of her incarnations, model, girlfriend, mother, wife and friend, she remains authentic, always the same Kate; “never complain, never explain” has become her motto to live by, I even have a Rotten Roach Tee with that slogan emblazoned across the chest. When marred by scandal and there were many whose knives were out to get her, she just dusted herself off and got on with it, sort of like a modern day Elizabeth Taylor, only without the diamonds and the 7 husbands…ok, maybe she’s not Liz, but she employs the same work ethic and “pull yourself together” attitude.

I love her, am unashamedly a fan, she has given women like me permission to embrace the edgy, the cool, the rock n roll in us long after we turned 21, she has a bloody Louboutin named after her ffs. She sticks two fingers to those who say we can’t wear denim hot pants, a bikini, a biker jacket or leopard print after 40 and she is imo, the real queen of England.

Kate Moss, I salute you and Liz Jones of the Daily Mail hates you so that’s another reason to love you.

Happy Bday you sexy thing 😎IMG_0532

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  • Carol Deans January 16, 2017 5:23 pm

    AND her fabulousness in Ab Fab – episodes and film.

  • Karen January 16, 2017 9:56 pm

    Love that and think I love you even more after reading it!!! We are even more alike than I thought!! #nevercomplainneverexplain best quote ever!!

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