Bold lip 💋

Bold lip 💋



A long time ago I was told by a woman  on a make up counter “you can’t do a red lip, you’re too yellow, you can do a nude lip though” And so it was, having had the yellow part explained to mean “olive” that I have spent the last 20 years not wearing red lipstick whilst simulataneously purchasing every nude lipstick on the planet…so when I got an invite to the hottest premiere in town…@Abfabthemovie – I asked one of my best friends, SJFroom, aka the best mua on the planet, if she thought I could, on this one night, rock a bold lip? Here is the convo that took place;

Sulky: can I do a red lip?

SJ; obvs

Sulky; but I’m too “yellow”

SJ: don’t be ridic, I’ll show you!

et voila…turns out there *is* a red lipstick for everyone, this one is bareMinerals Reign on…so I will  💋




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