Sulky Meets Rixo

Sulky Meets Rixo

Sulky Doll Meets Henrietta Rix of Rixo.

Hi Henrietta, thank you so much for your time, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your brand.

I love that your brand name is a blend of both your names, who came up with it?

I don’t really remember – we both just knew it was right straight away. We came up with it a university funnily enough and then when we quite our jobs to get serious with the idea our starting our own brand we played around with the idea of loads (and loads) of different names but always went back to… RIXO

What is the ethos behind the brand?

The brand is all about creating piece that women genuinely feel amazing in. We felt there was a huge gap in the market for flattering dresses and clothing that was easy to wear but also unique in it own way. We are very vintage inspired and love the cut of float bias cut dresses.

Describe Rixo in 3 adjectives;

Fun, vintage inspired, wearable.

As a child of the 70s, I adore the 1970s references in your pieces, what was/is it about that decade that inspires your work so much?

We just love it! We honestly spend hours and hour trawling though 70s pictures… it was all just SO much better back then! Street style pics from the 70s blow our minds…and we are always hunting around vintage fairs, auctions and even charity shops for gorgeous classic 70s pieces, be it a pointed lapel mens shirt or a gorgeous flare.

Your brand is British made and you are very involved in the manufacturing of your garments at these British factories, is quality key to the success of your brand?

Quality is very important to us and most of our products are 100% silk – we are vigilent in our fits and make

Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?

My mum is a huge inspiration for me – she is obsessed with vintage and fashion, and trained my eye from an early age. From 7 onwards I’ve been trawling antique fairs around the country pretty much every Sunday with my mum and nan so its been ingrained in me. There is nothing more exciting than finding a gorgeous unique vintage piece and we style a lot of our RIXO photoshoots with our personal vintage collection. London is a constant source or inspiration and so it traveling, we always hunt down the local charity shops. Before we started RIXO, Orlagh and I spent a summer traveling California and hit every goodwill along the way.

You talk of joint passions and vision for the brand, can you talk us through those?

We are both so passionate about RIXO – we work from our living room in London and couldn’t be more determined. We feel there is a huge gap in the market for feminine yet not too girly clothes that flatter a woman and also bring something new yet timeless to her wardrobe. We have huge visions for the brand – mainly to broaden our product offer, into jersey to shirt, knit wear, accessories, so our customer can get the full Rixo head to toe look.

What does the Rixo woman embody?
Someone who is confident in their own body and is looking for flattering clothing that she really can dress up or equally dress down. Our woman really doesn’t have an age as we have 21 year olds wearing our dresses to friends birthdays, 30 and 40 year olds to friend’s weddings and the mother of the bride and also Grandmas… It”s so varied which we love.

i love how feminine, her edgy your collection is. I feel epic when I wear the Rose dress & it’s my most liked Insta post…do you love making those stand out pieces? 

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing real women wearing our pieces to special occasions. It feel so nice and makes all the hard work worth it when our customers wear one of our dresses to a really big life event for them… hopefully we can continue to develop and move our designs on she we create more stand out pieces.

How important is social media to you in getting your brand “out there” since launching in 2015?

Instagram we are huge fans of – it is such a great way of getting your image and ethos across in literally seconds. We have made so many connections also via social media channel in a more relaxed and informal way, so its been a huge benefit for us!

Thank you so much, need to order me the Georgia skirt before it sells out again.




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