Investment Autumnal bags

Investment Autumnal bags

Now then, if you haven’t heard of Ri2K, you should have. They are the go to bag for many of the hoi polloi and their quality is exceptional. If there is one item, I advise my clients to invest in, it’s a good quality statement bag. It is far better on your purse, and the environment for that matter, to buy one decent bag, over several not so good, but less expensive ones.

Ri2k was launched in 2000 by renowned English Fashion Designer, John Richmond and those familiar with his work, will know how important quality is to this brand. Affordable luxury is how they would describe their pieces and I for one, am in agreement.



The oxblood tote bag pictured above is the perfect tote bag size and the autumnal burgundy hue makes it oh so covetable right now…however, the enduring appeal of a tan leather bag never gets old and this cross body shoulder bag –


is a serious contender…choices, choices, what is Sulky to do?



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