The Invisible Child

The Invisible Child

Who doesn’t love the Moomins? Exactly, who doesn’t more like, but, it you’re the one person on the planet who doesn’t, then be prepared to admit defeat as most Famous Fictional Finnish Family in the world have just published the most adorable book; The Invisible Child.

In partnership with Oxfam, Tove Jannson, the author of the books, has joined forces to raise funds for women and girls around the world to fight inequality and escape poverty for good. At least £4 from the sale of each book will be donated to Oxfam’s women’s projects worldwide. Here is Sophia, Tove’s niece reading The  Invisible Child in Rwanda.


The book centres around a little girl who is mistreated by her caregiver and becomes invisible, she is given a place to stay at the Moomin household and gradually with love and respect she reappears and regains her light and place in the world. A right all women and girls should have. Here is Tiku, dancing at Nari Utthan Community Discussion Class, one of Oxfam’s many community projects.


Although originally published in the collection Tales from Moominvalley, this is a stand-alone book and don’t think for one moment that because it is a child’s book it is not suitable for grown up girls (& boys). The equality theme runs through the very heart of this book and if like me you identify as a feminist and believe, women’s rights are human rights, then this book is for you. It is a pure joy to read and my daughter is now reading it too.

It is currently on sale at Waterstones, Oxfam and the Moomin Store in Covent Garden along with other charming merchandise such as a tote bag, tea towel and handkerchief.

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