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Now, if like me you grew up watching Terminator and Blade Runner then you will probably think that our generation invented all things robot…wrong! The first recorded example of a robot dates back to 1570! Check out little guy on loan from the Smithsonian.   And I found all this out (and more besides) when I visited the ScienceMuseum Robots…

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Chesil meets Laura

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It’s fair to say that since @SpaceNK came to Winch, I have spent a lot of time in that store…so when I heard that they had teamed up with Laura Mercier and The Chesil Rectory, (officially Winchester’s most romantic restaurant) for an event that included champers, I needed very little encouragement to head there. In the expert hands of Irene…

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Your Face Matters

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  Our skin is our biggest organ and a good skincare regime with the right products will serve you well. I was one of those annoying types who religiously cleansed, toned and moisturised (even after a big night out) throughout my teens, twenties and thirties and now forties, but since my forties, I’ve had to up the ante a bit.…

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