Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo


As a big time skincare junkie, I am well known for my love of skincare products and so I was asked to review the ErnoLaszlo brand, the self styled celebrity skin care brand since 1927, I was keen to trial their goods.

The 3 products I was given were; Firmarine double cleanse, comprising of a cleansing oil and soap, it came in a handy travel pack and would last for a month if used properly, this product will leave you with that “squeaky clean” feel but as my skin is normal to dry, I found this product a little too drying for me, but for oilier skins, it would be perfect.


Next up the, the antioxidant complex for eyes, this was an absolute winner for me and one which I took with me on a whirlwind press trip to Paris to see the Dior Exhibition. It was a 4 am start so I was shattered and my eyes deffo needed a bit of tlc, so this product was just the ticket.

As was the final product, the firm and glow mask which, was much needed after all that travelling.
It left my skin feeling fabulous. So, overall, I’m a fan and the antioxidant eye complex is my fave.



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